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Monash Micro Imaging

MMI is a world class optical imaging core facility, consisting of advanced imaging laboratories on the Monash University Clayton campus (MMI-Clayton) and specialised Imaging Nodes at the Monash Health Translation Precinct (MMI-MHTP, Clayton) and the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (MMI-AMREP, Prahran).
MMI supported technologies include advanced light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, multiphoton microscopy, super-resolution microscopy (including dSTORM, nSTORM/nSIM, and STED), and lightsheet microscopy (SPIM and Lattice Lightsheet). We provide comprehensive training in all aspects of microscopy from specimen preparation to instrument operation and image data analysis.
MMI staff also provide collaborative project support and can assist with grant proposals.
MMI works closely with other Monash Technology Research platforms including: the Monash Ramaciotti Centre for Cryo Electron Microscopythe Monash Centre for Electron Microscopythe Monash Histology Platform and the Monash eResearch Centre