Sanger DNA Sequencing

About Micromon's DNA Sequencing Services

seq lab kk-smallLong read DNA sequencing is a core service at Micromon and has been in operation from 1993. Great pride is taken to offer the highest possible quality, long reads and very fast turnaround. Our objective is to provide a fully personalised and custom service. Client support is a hallmark of our facility and staff are always available to assist you with comprehensive troubleshooting and technical advice. Samples are individually monitored from receipt to data despatch and all results are extensively assessed during data processing so that you achieve the best possible outcomes from your sequencing.

Micromon offers two key services:
  • capillary separation
  • fully customised service that comprises both the cycle sequencing reaction and separation (sequencing from purified DNA)

Turnaround from receipt of an order is between 6-24 hours for capillary separation only, and 24-60 hours for the full sequencing reaction and separation service, dependent upon the time of the day your samples are received at Micromon.

Additional enhanced basecall analysis using PeakTrace is available on request. This optional extra may provide increased basecall resolution and read length.

Additional options are available on request which include:

  • Specialised, custom cycle sequencing protocols for templates with complex secondary structure and difficult to sequence templates
  • PCR product purification prior to the cycle sequencing (BDT) reaction
  • Enhanced sequence analysis using the PeakTrace basecaller for increased basecall resolution and read length.

Micromon will accept any type of purified DNA template for sequencing, including:

  • Plasmid DNA
  • PCR product
  • Large DNA  eg.BACs, Cosmids and small bacterial genomes (please speak with our staff prior to submitting any large DNA samples)

***All template DNA submitted MUST be purified, including template DNA generated from PCR reactions.

Samples are accepted in both tube and plate format with pricing and processing throughput structured accordingly.

No account set up is required but you will need to contact Micromon to obtain the login details for our FTP server if you are a customer, external to Monash University. Please contact us for further information on any matter relevant to our Sanger sequencing service.


Micromon has partnered with the Monash Bioinformatics Platform to offer a range of bioinformatic support options tailored to your research needs.




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