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MAXIMA - the Monash Academy for Cross & Interdisciplinary Mathematical Applications

MAXIMA was founded in 2013 to address an identified need at Monash University - to provide easier access to mathematical minds willing to turn their attention to help solve important societal challenges, in partnership with academic colleagues in other disciplines as well as industry partners. The acronym also describes our aim of Maximising Impact through Mathematics.

Our mathematicians are currently working on problems as diverse as modelling pest invasion and disease spread, stem cell differentiation and embryogenesis, improving traffic flow on our congested roads, and assisting the manufacturing industry with improved product and process design.

At MAXIMA we harness the best mathematical minds from across Monash University, and our global partners like Warwick University in the UK, in a structured, coordinated way to deliver impact through mathematics.

We are also focused on building a new generation of mathematicians who will use their strong mathematical foundations, together with training in how to speak the language of other disciplines, to accelerate the impact they can make to society through their mathematical talents.

MAXIMA's activities are focused around four major pillars: collaborative research, industry partnerships, training, and outreach.

Watch the video below for an introduction to MAXIMA and what we aim to achieve.




Victorian Systems Biology Collaborative

Future approaches to bone repair and modelling

3.30 pm Wednesday 2 April

Technological advances are producing new insights into bone repair and remodelling. By intersecting expertise in biology, chemistry and bioengineering, the resulting diverse data can be integrated across different scales to generate a more comprehensive understanding of bone systems in health and disease. Exciting opportunities to translate this knowledge into innovative therapeutic applications are anticipated. 

Join us at the next Victorian Systems Biology Collaborative to hear four leading Australian researchers present their latest work. Participate in a discussion forum and networking session following the presentations to explore how these different perspectives will contribute to the way bone fractures and disease will be treated in the future.

Further details are available here.