Monash Histology Platform (MHP)

"Everything we do is focused on assisting you, in all aspects of Histology so you can engage in what you do best"

Monash Histology Platform; your partner in research, education and clinical studies

The Histology Platform is located within the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology and provides services for Monash University academic staff and students as well as other Universities, Hospitals and external clients. We provide expert service, advice and training for all histological studies involving fresh tissue and tissue embedded in paraffin and glycolmethacrylate.

Monash Histology Platform is a world class, full service histology laboratory committed to excellence, quality, consultation, clinical evaluation and collaboration. We provide all paraffin, frozen section and specialist histological processing, cutting and staining requirements. A full consultation and collaboration service, expert training in all histological techniques, specialist methacrylate and epoxy resin methods, microscopic and digital imaging, TMA generation and automated immunohistochemical techniques are also provided.

The Histology Platform has two service streams; a full end-to-end service provided by specialist staff, or a "Do it Yourself" service providing access to laboratory facilities, specialist equipment and consumables. In addition, the experienced Histology team can provide advice, training and research assistance. The Histology Platform operates on a fee for services basis for all services and laboratory access.

Two laboratories operate within the Histology Platform – the Paraffin and Resin Laboratories. They have both been developed to meet the quality and high throughput needs of researchers, academic staff and students. Staff are well known for their ability to produce high quality, accurate results in an efficient, timely manner.

MHP Nodes

Two nodes of MHP have also been established to meet the needs of local researchers and the community. The nodes operate as spokes of the established central Hub in Clayton enabled with close working relationships, easy transportation between the sites, as well as increased flexibility where staff participate in inter-Laboratory training across all sites. Uniformity and consistency in work practices across the nodes have been well established and largely guided by ISO-9001 certification standards of which MHP has practiced since 2014 have been implemented in both nodes. MHP-AMREP is located at the Alfred Hospital, Prahran and provides on-site Professional services and access to DIY equipment. MHP-MHTP is located at Monash Medical Hospital in the Monash Health Research Precinct. As our newest start-up (March 2016), this node offers a combination of Professional Services and DIY within the same convenient location.